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Ep 2: Sexual Violence Prevention & Advocacy with Haley Mangette

This episode features the first Vagina Jul interview with Haley Mangette--a Sexual Violence Prevention and Project Coordinator at Kalamazoo College. Haley's knowledge of prevention advocacy and the ins & outs of the DOJ’s Office of Violence Against Women Grant gives us a unique view of how colleges prevent and handle sexual violence/assault/abuse. This interview is not only important to listen to for vagina-owners, but everyone in between, as it points out how important continuous education and revision of how we talk about sex can be!

Here are the links to Haley's resources and/or to contact her:

Platforms to listen on:

Where can I find behind the scenes content?

You can find all behind the scenes content on my PATREON account. This includes and is not limited to:

  • ​Show Notes

  • Videos and Recordings of Interviews

  • Podcast Art

  • and Sneak Peeks into Future Episodes & Ideas

How am I able to help?

WITH YOUR SUPPORT! When you LIKE, COMMENT, and SHARE my work I know you are there and want MORE! If you are one of the amazing people that FOLLOWS my insta (@vagina_jul) and/or SUBSCRIBES to The Vagina Jul Podcast then I am able to see who my audience is and what content YOU would like. Finally and most importantly, through your COMMISSIONS, DONATIONS, and podcast CONTRIBUTIONS I am able to financially sustain my business and ultimately my show! So THANK YOU for your support! It means the world to me! :)

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Can't wait to hear what y'all think!

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