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Community Care

Check out these resources that have collaborated/or are currently in collaboration with Jul Uncensored! Click on the picture to go to their websites and see what they have to offer:


Urban Handmade

"[Their] goal is to give you a one-of-a-kind shopping experience that will liberate you from the mall mentality that is so prevalent in today’s culture. Fact is, that buying handmade is better for everyone." Currently Jul is selling her one of a kind pussy pillows, stickers, cards, and other merch in their stores. To visit: 113 Corry St, Yellow Springs, OH 45387

Apacolpyx party.jpg

Apocalipstick Latinx Party

 "Sharing a glimpse of the Latinx thoughts & cultural experiences currently vibrating in Columbus.
Music, art, merch & performances.
Dancing, and Social Awareness." Jul often vends at the Apocalipstick events so check out the Events Page to see if there is one coming up!


Wild Cat Gift And Party

"Wild Cat Gift & Party is now the premier destination for fun, creative gifts and unique party supplies in Columbus. We’re as dedicated as ever to our DIY roots, feminist ethics and we love filling our tiny space on earth with laughter, creativity, and fun and sharing that space with you." Currently Jul is selling her stickers, and pins in their store. You can visit them at: 3515 N. High St. Columbus, OH

happy vulva club.jfif

Happy Vulva Club

Happy Vulva Club is "bringing together people from all across the world who are working in their own ways to educate and/or celebrate the vulva. As the hub of all-things-vulvas, [they] have created a directory which connects everyone from creative artists to medical professionals… and all in one place!"


Va Va Womb

"Va Va Womb was founded by infertility advocate, lover of creativity, anti-shaming enthusiast and promoter of body & sex positivity, Ellamae Fullalove, who was born without a womb."...


Peaches The Pelvic Health Guru

Peaches "spreads awareness for pelvic pain conditions and sober living and also shares [their] journey with Vestibulodynia, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, Pudendal Neuralgia, and Interstitial Cystitis." They have a MUST READ resource guide for all things pelvic health and other resources!!


The Happy Pelvis

The Happy Pelvis was created "to be a resource to increase awareness, educate and support others who are going through their own pelvic pain or chronic illness journey."

bleed the north.jpg

Bleed The North

Bleed The North is "committed to ending period poverty and stigma by providing menstrual products to people in need across Ontario. [They] hope to educate our community on the dangers of period poverty and work to promote menstrual legislation in Canadian politics." They hold events to help end period poverty!!


Vulgar Vegan Bakery

"Custom cookie cakes for all the besties, fuckboys & weirdos...or your mom-whatever damn phrase-vegan & optional GF & SF-homemade with fucking love"

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