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Body Positivity Paint Party

We all know the classic "Paint-n-Sip" parties where you go and paint pictures of dolphins or red wine glasses...well imagine that, but with boobs, butts or bellies...or any other body part you can think of--that's what you get when attending a Jul Uncensored "Body Positive Paint Party"!

These parties are a combination of learning how to paint while also learning to embrace and show your body some much needed positivity and love! You will learn about shapes, lines, dimensions, shadowing, mixing colors, and many other techniques from the award winning and internationally shown artist, Jul. 

All Painting Levels, Genders, Sexualities, and Identities are welcome to join the fun. Whether you are going to the party by yourself, with a couple of friends, or you are hosting a party, you will have a great time! Check out some of the previous parties photos, reviews, and upcoming events below:  


"I had zero experience painting- I mean, like, school- 25 years ago- and  acrylic pours. This was amazing! Immediately comfortable and felt supported- as a newbie partner Andy as a woman getting ready to bare my tits (totally not a requirement, btw!).  I definitely learned, in a very short time, basics of what to paint first, mixing colours, finding basic shapes in reference photos, fixing mistakes. Julia was informative, FUN AS HELL, supportive, encouraging, and made everyone find the beauty in their uniqueness. She also invited us to contact her if we needed help after class ended. It was amazing to see so many women find beauty and appreciation in themselves and other women in such a short experience! The time we had together was definitely adaptable to the attendees, not some rigid progression of steps, so regardless of previous experience or artistic talent, everyone wins! I would especially highly recommend for anyone who struggles with loving their body, I promise by the end of 2 hours you’ll realize how beautiful those “imperfections” are.  Individual attention given to anyone who wanted it. Can’t wait for next class!"

—  Shannon, Paint-Ur-Tits Party

Come Party!
Body Positive Paint Party
Body Positive Paint Party
Mar 27, 2021, 8:00 PM
Have Jul Come to You!

Have a birthday, bachelorette party, or want to do something fun with your friends for shits and giggles? How about Host Your Own Body Positivity Paint Party? Schedule your own Private Paint Party with Jul below:

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