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Body Positivity Paint Party

We all know the classic "Paint-n-Sip" parties where you go and paint pictures of dolphins or red wine glasses...well imagine that, but with boobs, butts or bellies...or any other body part you can think of--that's what you get when attending a Jul Uncensored "Body Positive Paint Party"!

These parties are a combination of learning how to paint while also learning to embrace and show your body some much needed positivity and love! The parties are held monthly and every month there is a new theme (or body part if you will) to paint. You will learn about shapes, lines, dimensions, shadowing, mixing colors, and many other techniques from the award winning and internationally shown artist, Jul. 

All Painting Levels, Genders, Sexualities, and Identities are welcome to join the fun. Whether you are going to the party by yourself, with a couple of friends, or you are hosting a party, you will have a great time! Check out some of the previous parties photos, reviews, and upcoming events bellow: