Are you interested in having a Pussy Pillow modeled off of your favorite colors/patterns, interests or even your own pussy? How about an illustration of your favorite feminist icon, quote, graphic ads & designs, or replica of your body? Have an idea for something new and unseen by me? Feel empowered by commissioning a Pussy Pillow, Design, or Custom-made Piece by a passionate activist artist! See examples, pricing, and contact me below with your commission inquiry:

Past Works:

The following are the starting prices for pillows and prints. The work is priced by the material cost + hours put in. Normally these prices will stay the same, but if there are unique requests then the price shall reflect it as well. Discounts are available through donating materials and on bulk orders or returning customers discounts. Etsy coupons can not be applied on commissioned pieces. Taxes and shipping are not included in pricing. 

Pussy Pillows:

Mini Pussy Pillows: $12

Cat Toy Pussy Pillows: $12

Small Pussy Pillow (roughly 8 x 4 x 4 inches): $30

Medium Pussy Pillow (roughly 10 x 6 x 4 inches): $60

Large Pussy Pillow (roughly 16 x 8 x 6 inches): $100

Replica Genitals: $120


3 x 4 postcard: $7.50

6 x 6 inches print: $30

5 x 7 inches print: $45

8 x 10 inches print: $50

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