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Get InVulvad

Would you like to get inVULVAd with Jul Uncensored? If so then check out one (or ALL) of the opportunities below!

Podcast Inquiries

Podcast Inquiries:

Have questions, comments, tips or tricks for The Jul Uncensored Podcast? Or would you like to be featured on one of the episodes talking about something your passionate about? Well feel free to reach out below! Please note: any hate mail, hate speech (ie. racism/sexism/xenophobia/transphobia/bigatry) will immediately be reported and blocked...none of that shit will be stood for here! :)

Podcast Inquiries!

Thanks for submitting!

Donate Your Time

Donate Your Time

Artist Assistant:

Do you love the arts and being creative? Interested in the operational side of running Jul Uncensored? Or would you just like to help a girl out and help run Jul Uncensored for a day or two? Then oh boy do I have the volunteer job for you! Whether you are national/international or local to Jul Uncensored...I could use your assistance! Assistants can pick to do any or all of the following depending on availability and location:

- Create: provides artistic support/help create artwork!

- Organize: performs administrative duties and ensure that the studio remains in working order!

- Spread the word: oversee installations of work in public and online space--such as posting/sharing on social media and/or going out and putting up flyers/stickers and street art!

- Other: if you have another way you would like to be InVulvad please let me know below!

If this opportunity interests you then please fill out the form below!


Are you a: Woman-owned/Queer-owned Small Business Owner/Entrepreneur? An Artist? Sex Educator? Activist or Organization? Queer Leader? Or just someone who has some really awesome advice and would like to help boost my art business by being a mentor and friend? Well then please reach out! Whether you are taking on Jul Uncensored as a full blown mentorship opportunity or just passing along a few good tidbits of advice--I'd love to hear what you have to say! Send me a message below...

***If there is another way you would like to donate your time feel free to reach out below***

Thanks for submitting!

Donate Materials

Donate Materials

Do you have materials laying around that you can donate? Are you in the Columbus area or would be willing to ship your donations? Well, Perfect because most of the art and merchandise made by myself is created with donated, upcycled, and/or recycled materials in order to cut down on environmental waste and to support sustainability--Go Mother Nature!!! Anyone who donates material are given 20% off custom orders & Etsy orders. 

Materials Accepted:

- Fabrics (must be in good condition with no stains/weird smells/unknown substances clinging to them/hair all over them)

- Acrylic Paints

- GLITTER, SPARKLES, and other SHINY things (we love a good shine)

- Rainbow, Bi, or LGBTQ+ related items

- Threads/Needles & other sewing supplies

- Organization equipment 

- Space to create and entertain 

- Other: If you have something you would like to donate, but it isn't listed above then please feel free to reach out anyways--I'd love to see what you have in mind!

Please send a quick photo of your preferred donations and a message stating who you are/where you're from to my Insta (@jul_uncensored) can also reach me through the form above^

***Note: dick pix do not count as a helpful donation and will be immediately reported and blocked :) ***

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