About Jul Uncensored

Hello & Welcome to my website!

Jul Uncensored was created in order to normalize Vaginas/Vulvas and the people who have them! Back in 2016, after the dreaded phrase "grab her by the pussy" was unveiled and the beautiful #metoo movement came about, I set off creating Vulva pillows to raise awareness about r@pe culture. Originally the pillows were used in an art project which went to show how prevalent sexual assault is in society. On the backs of each pillow was sexual assault statistics pertaining to the United States, BIPOC, the state I was living in, and even down to the surrounding cities and university I was attending...instead of normalizing and laughing at a phrase as ignorant as "grab her by the pussy" I sought out to normalize Pussies instead. To me, if you get people to laugh at something, or become engaged with something, then they will want to know more about it...thus Vagina Jul was created! Through art, craft, and media I aim to talk about issues that *pussy card carrying members* face, problems we can solve, story telling and sharing, education, and of course normalization!


There are so many topics to talk about/make art about so please feel free to reach out and let's get started down this journey!

*pussy card carrying members*= people with pussies/vulvas/vaginas/ovaries/wombs and/or people who were born without these bits but identify with them.