"Save The Demonic Babies" 

Are you tired of Pro-life Christians standing on corners screaming to "save the babies" and feel like they should not just think about their religion, but yours as well when deciding what a person with a womb can do with their body? Well no worries friend! These earrings are just for you! 

Now you can finally join those Anti-abortioners with your own kind of baby saving...that's right buddy! We're here to save those lovely demon worshipping babies! Once your friendly neighborhood Fetus-Saver sees these earrings they're going to tell you exactly what you've wanted to hear from them: "you're going to heLL!"...Thank Satan, am-i-right?

Not only are these earrings perfect to wear around your local Street Corner Christians prostituting their religion like crack, but they're also great to wear to any pro-choice (or pro-demon baby) rally, thanksgiving dinner with your conservative uncle, and any of your devil worshipping sermons under a full moon (the light from the moon will catch the cute red sparkly eyes these babies have).

Fun features: 
- Made out of All Reused and Recycled materials...the babies themselves were saved from a Christian Thrift Shop (HELLelujah) 
- The cord is made out of wire so you are able to twist the earrings into different forms
- The Demonic Babies have sparkly red eyes so that you can spot them from miles away
- Handmade with Love

Save The Demon Babies Earrings