Period Blood in your Pants Card!

Is it “that time of the month”?? Or Did you or someone you know just get their first period?? Well welcome to the menstruation club you bloody lovely human being!! 

Unfortunately a lot of people want to shame people for getting a period—but Jul Uncensored ain’t about that sh*t! Period positivity and awareness is where it’s at and should be the norm—so let’s normalize it by starting with giving our besties, sisters, daughters, sons, non binary fam, and friends this cute card to congratulate them on getting their period and remind them that at least half of us human beings all have had blood in our pants at one point in our lives!!

This card includes: a one of a kind design, layered construction paper to get a pop feel, metallic paper, sparkles (because why the hell not??), hand-carved and hand pressed words—including inside message of congratulations—and is handmade with lots of love, care and attention!! 

Size: 4x5.5 inches

Period Blood in your Pants Card!