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Period Awareness Art Print

Period Awareness Art Print


"Sometimes I forget how half the world has seen (or will see) an image somewhat like this" 


This unique art print is a reminder that PERIODS and MENSTRUATION happen to HALF the worlds population, and it's nothing we should be ashamed about! Too often periods are deemed as gross, unsanitary, or animalistic...but Jul's here to break those ewwy gewwy negative attitudes surrounding something that half of us do! This print is great to hang up in your bathroom, give to a friend or loved one, or used as flyers and distributed around town--because why not? 


The original piece is made out of fabric, paint, and markers and then was photographed, printed onto a nice glossy card stock and then red glitter was added for a nice dramatic flair! 


Add it to the Period Poster Bundle to save a lil extra coin. This bundle includes the "800 million people are menstruating right now; Period Poster" at a discounted price. Buy one, get one half off...just click the Period Poster Bundle option.


Size: Roughly 11x8.5 inches in a nice plastic sleeve.

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