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End The War On Clitmas Card

End The War On Clitmas Card




Im sure you’ve heard of those crazy people who think there’s a war on Christmas just because people are saying happy holidays right? Well this card is just as crazy, but crazy for making clitoris aware to those who seem to not want to acknowledge it or just don’t understand it exists in the first place. This is a great Xmas card to send to any friend who feels your pain, partner who needs some encouragement, or hell send it to your ex because f*** it why not?? Also a great gift for White Elephant Parties! 


Size: 4 x 5.5 inches

Material: handmade with graphic design made by @Jul_Uncensored, then drawn design using Cricut on card stock, free hand water colored and finally added glitter glue for funsies. Envelope included!

Customizable: You may add something to say on the inside of the card if you would like

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