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Anxiety Is A B*itch, But She's My B*tch Poster

Anxiety Is A B*itch, But She's My B*tch Poster


Ughhhh Anxiety is such a B*TCH...But hey she's my B*TCH. 


For those who have anxiety, y'all know what I mean! We would love anxiety to just go away, stop ruining our days and making us super worried all the time...but at the same time this b*tch is stuck to us like glue...and okay sometimes she can be helpful in sniffing out things we actually should be anxious about right? At least she's got some intuition! What's that phrase, if you can't beat em, join em? Well if you can't make that b*tch anxiety go away, then hell, make her your b*tch instead! Use anxiety to your advantage and don't let her overtake your life. You got this boo-bear!!


This design was made while Jul was stuck in quarantine in a small town in France when the pandemic first started. Poster made possible by the lovely people at Canva. 


Size: 24x18 inches

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