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Updated: Sep 17, 2020

(artwork done by JLB Art...aka my own damn self)

I started a podcast! After months of thinking about it and weeks of planning, I decided it was time to finally launch The Vagina Jul Podcast. This podcast will be fun and silly while also highlighting real issues/stigmas that people with vaginas (and friends) face in our society.

Check out the trailer on:

Who can listen to The Vagina Jul Podcast?

ANYONE! Yes this podcast is made to uplift, highlight, include, and empower Women (cis & trans), LGBTQ+, BIPOC, Trans men, and Non-Binary people...however, everyone should give it a listen! My goal is to help educate people, normalize things that our societies deem weird/embarrassing or shameful, and bring people together in making them feel like they are acknowledge, respected, and heard. I believe ALL ages, races, sexualities, and genders will have something to learn, share, and value--and thus will come out of this podcast with a better grasp of other people's realities.

What is The Vagina Jul Podcast about? What are some topics that will be on the Podcast?

Like I said above^ The Vagina Jul Podcast is about educating, bringing people together, and normalization!

Some of the topics that I would like to be on the Podcast:

- Pussy Anatomy

- College Sex Educators: what are they doing?

- What I took away from High School Sex Ed/how is it changing? How can it be better?

- LGBTQ+ Positive Sex Education

- Female Pleasure: Qu'est-ce que c'est? How do? Clitoris Awareness and the Deep Vaginal Erogenous Zones (DVZs)

- Advice from a Gynocologist

- Advice from a Sex Therapist

- Segment: "My Pain Is Real" (see below)

- Reproductive Freedom

- Gender, Sexuality and Societal Norms

- The Black Lives Matter Movement

- What is happening on the border

- Menstrual Hygiene and Products (reviews/how to's/what do's?)

- The Body Positivity Movement (fatphobia/transphobia/slut shaming)

- History and Vaginas (this may call for a Drunk History Party?)

- Highlighting local, regional, national, and international groups that help people with vaginas and friends

- Politics and how it affects our bodies

- Feminism...just feminism all over the place


When will episodes be released?

Roughly every 2 weeks...but I'm a hot mess so it may be sooner or later :D

As well every few episodes I will be releasing a segment called "My Pain Is Real". Often women's (cis/trans), trans men's, and non-binary folk's pain is seen as over-fabricated, ignored, or takes too long to recognize/diagnose/spot/etc...especially for BIPOC (black/indigenous/people of color) and non-native speakers...thus I am creating this segment to highlight, amplify and talk about real people's experiences with pain (whether that is physical/mental/emotional/medical pain).

Where can I listen?

Go check out the trailer on Spotify or on Anchor...and don't forget to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and if you love the work I put in then feel free to SUPPORT and SHARE with your friends and fam!

Why on earth did you decide to make a VAGINA Podcast?

I'm just a woman who has a lot of curiosity surrounding vaginas/vulvas and subjects relating to and intersecting with them! I know a lot of you have the same questions, concerns and ideas as me, so I figured WHY NOT go "on air" (sorta speak) and talk about these things?

How are you able to do this?

WITH YOUR SUPPORT! When you LIKE, COMMENT, and SHARE my work I know you are there and want MORE! If you are one of the amazing people that FOLLOWS my insta (@vagina_jul) and/or SUBSCRIBES to The Vagina Jul Podcast then I am able to see who my audience is and what content YOU would like. Finally and most importantly, through your COMMISSIONS, DONATIONS, and podcast CONTRIBUTIONS I am able to financially sustain my business and ultimately my show! So THANK YOU for your support! It means the world to me! :)

***If you have any TIPS, TRICKS, SUGGESTIONS, or would like to be FEATURED on one of the episodes please DM me on my instagram (@vagina_jul) or send me an email through the Get InVulvad page on this website!***

Can't wait to hear what y'all think!

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