• Julia Barrett


Updated: Sep 17, 2020

(artwork done by JLB Art...aka my own damn self)

I started a podcast! After months of thinking about it and weeks of planning, I decided it was time to finally launch The Vagina Jul Podcast. This podcast will be fun and silly while also highlighting real issues/stigmas that people with vaginas (and friends) face in our society.

Check out the trailer on:



Who can listen to The Vagina Jul Podcast?

ANYONE! Yes this podcast is made to uplift, highlight, include, and empower Women (cis & trans), LGBTQ+, BIPOC, Trans men, and Non-Binary people...however, everyone should give it a listen! My goal is to help educate people, normalize things that our societies deem weird/embarrassing or shameful, and bring people together in making them feel like they are acknowledge, respected, and heard. I believe ALL ages, races, sexualities, and genders will have something to learn, share, and value--and thus will come out of this podcast with a better grasp of other people's realities.

What is The Vagina Jul Podcast about? What are some topics that will be on the Podcast?

Like I said above^ The Vagina Jul Podcast is about educating, bringing people together, and normalization!

Some of the topics that I would like to be on the Podcast:

- Pussy Anatomy

- College Sex Educators: what are they doing?

- What I took away from High School Sex Ed/how is it changing? How can it be better?

- LGBTQ+ Positive Sex Education

- Female Pleasure: Qu'est-ce que c'est? How do? Clitoris Awareness and the Deep Vaginal Erogenous Zones (DVZs)

- Advice from a Gynocologist

- Advice from a Sex Therapist

- Segment: "My Pain Is Real" (see below)

- Reproductive Freedom

- Gender, Sexuality and Societal Norms

- The Black Lives Matter Movement

- What is happening on the border

- Menstrual Hygiene and Products (reviews/how to's/what do's?)

- The Body Positivity Movement (fatphobia/transphobia/slut shaming)

- History and Vaginas (this may call for a Drunk History Party?)

- Highlighting local, regional, national, and international groups that help people with vaginas and friends

- Politics and how it affects our bodies

- Feminism...just feminism all over the place


When will episodes be released?

Roughly every 2 weeks...but I'm a hot mess so it may be sooner or later :D

As well every few episodes I will be releasing a segment called "My Pain Is Real". Often women's (cis/trans), trans men's, and non-binary folk's pain is seen as over-fabricated, ignored, or takes too long to recognize/diagnose/spot/etc...especially for BIPOC (black/indigenous/people of color) and non-native speakers...thus I am creating this segment to highlight, amplify and talk about real people's experiences with pain (whether that is physical/mental/emotional/medical pain).

Where can I listen?