• Julia Barrett

Ep 9: Censorship and The Great Wall of Vagina

Updated: Jan 8

This episode is the season finale of Vagina Jul!! In this episode you will hear an interview between myself and world renowned artist Jamie McCartney who is responsible for the Great Wall of art installation that features 400 hand cast vulva sculptures. In this interview we will talk about how Jamie got into casting vulvas, the stigma of being an artist whose main subject revolves around genitalia, being censored irl & online, and how censorship can affect not only art communities or sex ed communities but the whole world we live in!

***Originally I reached out to Jamie because of something he posted on Instagram referring to the censorship he has faced an artist due to the subject of his work...this related to what I and many others have gone through with our own works being censored, taken down, deleted, our accounts being shadow banned, kicked off for an amount of time, or being banned all together. Many of us who have faced this scrutiny are the ones who are trying to normalize sex education, sex positivity, or the body parts we have...while those who harass, bully, and accost us are not held accountable and their accounts remain intact or are able to keep creating more and more accounts in order to troll us with unsolicited dick pics and threats. If you would like to do something to help stop this madness please feel free to SHARE the hell out of this episode and spread awareness of what is going on!!

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