• Julia Barrett

Ep 7: Pelvic Health with PT Carina Siracusa

What is that bowl like thing doing for your down under? How does the Pelvic Floor influence the way you orgasm? Why is Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy such a niche field to go into and what does it take to become a Pelvic Floor PT? Find out this and much more in Episode 7 with Dr. Carina Siracusa (pictured below).

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Why checking on your Pelvic Health is important:

"Just as people exercise and eat well to help prevent heart disease, obesity and diabetes, they can also work to improve their pelvic health throughout their lives. The goal is to maintain a strong pelvic floor to avoid chronic issues such as bladder and bowel control." As told by Stanford Healthcare Keeping your Pelvic Health in check is as simple as keeping the rest of your body in check!

Pelvic Health problems are common in both people with vaginas and penises...and roughly 1 in 4 people with vaginas experience or will experience problems with their Pelvic Floor in their life time! In fact, one of my best friend's Victoria has been going through her own Pelvic Health journey. What was thought to be multiple bad UTIs turned out to be Bacterial Vaginosis and from there her symptoms didn't go away so her gynecologist referred her to a urologists who diagnosed her with Interstitial Cystitis (a Pelvic Floor Dysfunction). As told by "IC is recurring pelvic pain, pressure, or discomfort in the bladder and pelvic region, often associated with urinary frequency (needing to go often) and urgency (feeling a strong need to go)." Victoria now goes to see a physical therapist (Like Carina) once every two weeks and they are working on her water intake, Pelvic Floor exercises, and working up to doing yoga poses to relax and strengthen the Pelvic Floor.

Victoria's advice is to "see a doctor a soon as you can if your pee is abnormal...and if you do have this diagnosis then drink lots of water because it can help reduce discomfort! Let everyone know what's going on because sometimes it's hard to ask for help and it is hard to cover up the pain. You never know who can help you! And you will get through this!!"

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How can YOU improve you or your partners Pelvic Health and overall happiness?? My friend Victoria, and The lovely people from The Happy Pelvis & Pelvic Health Guru suggest you check out these fun and helpful products below: