• Julia Barrett

Ep 5: A Transman's Story--Redrawing Masculinity and Stonewall

("Briden" 3 x 4 feet oil on canvas by JLB Art)

This episode features an artist, activist, and transman named Briden who uses his talents and voice to redefine gender, and the role of community. Briden talks about what it is like being a transman with a vulva/vagina, what his journey has been, how he is helping break down stereotypes, and fixing transphobia within our own LGBTQ+ community. This episode features music by Sigur Ros.

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Columbus Trans Day of Remembrance 2020:

Redrawing Masculinity Class:

Briden and Paul host an online course created in order to use drawing and art to redefine masculinity.

Vocabulary used in this episode:

Trans= Somebody who was not born with the sex that correlates with the gender they identify as. Sex being their genitals. Gender being one of the following= male/female/non-binary/non-conforming.

  • ex: Katie was born with a penis, but identifies as a woman

Cis= Somebody who was born with the sex that aligns with their gender identity.

  • Franky was born with a vagina, and identifies as a woman

Passing= In the context of gender, passing or blending is when someone, typically a transgender person, is perceived as cisgender instead of the sex they were assigned at birth.

  • This can be seen as offensive to use because it deems there are only two genders to identify as, when in reality gender is a spectrum.

Privilege= A special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group. Having privilege (like being white or straight or a man) does not mean everything is handed to one person with just means one benefit from a system which was made to accommodate set privileges--making it easier for those with the privilege and harder for those without.

Black Pride 4 and Stonewall:

Briden's Art:

Music in this episode: